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Attention Video Makers and Marketers:

Create Highly Engaging Social Media Video Ads from Existing Videos With...

The Best Video Editing Software for Social Media in the Market Right Now...

Add Your Branding, Logos And Even Call-To-Action In Your Video Header And Footer To Liven Up Under-performing Videos and Skyrocket Engagement & Conversions...

Transform Existing Videos that Lost Their "Zing" (or Never Had It) to Super Engaging Videos Viewers Stick to Like Glue and Take Action with You...

  • Save Money and Make Money quickly transforming old, boring stuff into engaging, fun video.
  • Quickly & Easily boost engagement and conversions up to 500%
  • Create Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Video Posts, and Video Tweets instantly grabbing viewers and shares.
  • Perfect for Newbies or Inexperienced Video Makers: No high tech editing skills required at all.
  • Make Your Videos standout from the rest, capturing your audience imagination.
  • Instantly earn the trust of new leads with brilliant neighborhood highlight videos proving you know your territory
  • No Pay Per Per Design or Render. No depending on Freelancers or Agencies.
  • LIMITED OFFER: Super-low, 1-time pricing (to be replaced soon by recurring subscription)
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Why Your Videos Must Jump Out from All the Rest...

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Take a Look at the Kind of Attention-Grabbing Videos You Can Make for Yourself or Clients...

Who Really Needs Videos to Standout and Convert Viewers to Leads and Sales?...

Video Editors
Video Agencies
Affiliate Marketers
Video Marketers
Anyone Creating Videos for Growing Their Brand
Social Media Managers
Marketing and Promotion Managers

Watch this Demo and See How to Transform Existing Videos, Build New Videos, and Accelerate Videos All in Just Minutes...

Show me the features of this Video App for Social Media Ads that Create Results...

What makes this the best video app for livening up existing videos for great social media ads?

Here you see the most important features this social media ad video software offers that will help you market your products, services and offers most effectively... both online and off.

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Cloud-based App

No compatibility issues. Works on any computer or device whether PC, Apple, Android, etc.

Always Up-to-date

Never have to worry if your app is up-to-date. It's all done behind the scenes for you.

Custom Branding

Make your brand king. Customize any video from any source with your company branding and calls to action.

No Production Limits

You need 10 social media videos today and then 20 tomorrow? No problem, you can make as many as you need anytime you want.

Make Any "Old" Video, New

Re-purpose your old videos or any video in square or vertical (story) format. Engage on social media like never before.

Merge Multiple Videos into One

Do you have videos you know would be great together? Maybe add intros or outros to your videos. Merger video for whatever you need.

Exceptionally Easy to Use

No headaches trying to learn new technology. It's all template based. You simply type the text you want, upload the image you want and press render. See the demo above.

All Modern Formats Possible

No worrying about technical video sizes. Just choose the right square, story (vertical) or horizontal template and add your logo, text and images. You can also choose your dimensions.

Perfect for Social Media and Ads

You can quickly make the most popular formats simply by uploading your videos and choosing a square, or vertical (story) setting by clicking a picture.

Saves You Time

You will create property listing videos in under 10 minutes. Most times your video is ready to render in less than 6 minute.

Saves You Money

With 1-time pricing, you save thousand, even tens of thousands on your video marketing.

Makes You Money

Not only will you increase your results with video marketing, but you can sell these videos, too. It's up to you how much you charge.

Custom Cinematic Video Creator is the Top App for Creating Social Media Ads Fully-Backed By Our 30-Day Iron-Clad Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee Badge

Get access to Custom Cinematic Video Creator and take it for a test ride for a full 30 days. Know, risk-free, why this is the best real estate video software for realtors and brokers.

Watch the engagement and conversion rates on your videos grow by leaps and bounds.

If that doesn’t happen… just drop us a message asking for your money back. I promise you that there will be No Deductions, No Penalties, No dilly-dallying from our end.

We will promptly issue a refund WITHOUT asking a single question. We are confident that Custom Cinematic Video Creator will make your profits go through the roof, but we want you to be 100% comfortable and confident while playing with this amazing tool.

Hurry-Up. The Special Super Low One-Time Price Tag on the Best Real Estate Video Software Online is NOT Here-to-Stay...

The price for Custom Cinematic Video Creator is hard-coded in our system to rise without notice. I hope you are in time to lock it in at a low one-time fee.

Once the price jumps… it will change to a higher monthly recurring subscription model.

Take action while we are still out of our senses selling Custom Cinematic Video creator at a low one-time price of just $19.97 per month or lifetime access for $97.

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Do I get updates? How do I get notified of changes?
From time to time we do updates that won't affect your ability to produce videos. Most updates don't require notification. However, if a major change occurs, you will be notified at the email address you provided.
Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied? How do I get it?
You have a "no questions asked," 30-day, money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, then simply email us at our support email for our parent company, ThinkBigandGrow. The email is
How many videos can I make?
You have unlimited ability to create as many videos as you like. There is no limit. You can sell them or use them yourself. It's all up to you and your business needs.
Can I sell my videos?
Yes, you can. You can sell your videos or use them yourself. It's up to you.
What style videos does the video creator make?
There are templates for several style videos to ensure you can use them in all types of social media and on video platforms like YouTube. The video formats are MP4 and their dimensions are:
Can I make my videos from scratch (create without a template)?
This video editor and producer is designed so you can make high quality videos fast for the real estate market. Thus, it is completely template-based. More templates are added from time-to-time.
How do I get access? Where is my license key?
Once your purchase is complete, your order will be verified and then your license key will be emailed to the email address you provided at the time of your purchase. Please ensure you check your spam/junk for this email. If, for any reason, you don't find your software key, immediately contact our support at
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